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Styles Offered:

Layered Wall Hanging

Flat Tapestry

Mala Necklaces



    • The thing I love most about doing these custom orders is working with you to bring your vision to life and create your perfect piece! All the photos I have above are just suggestions of

    • what can be done and give you an idea of my style of art. I am pretty flexible on what custom pieces

    • I can do but here are some requirements for a custom order...

        • Custom orders that are based off my previous work are preferred (with modifications to color/design/size). However, you are always welcome to send inspiration photos based off other works that resonate with you - I won't re-create other artists work, but I can take inspiration from that and incorporate the desired elements toward something unique to you!
        • If you would like an exact piece from a different artist to be replicated, I will do my best to help you find the original artist and refer you to them
        • After we have the design laid out I will get to work on sketching your piece! For Mala's, I will send over a picture of any beads that will be special ordered and also of the planned design on my bead board for you so you can get a better idea of what your finished necklace will look look like before get to stringing it.
        • For any of my custom pieces, I allow up to 3 revisions for the planning part so we can get the final design nailed down. When I have the piece finished, I allow 2 more revisions if you want any other adjustments before shipping. If you'd like the final piece to be a surprise that is also good by me! Please just let me know when submitting your form or via email.



    The Process:

          1.           Here is how the process works:

1. Submit the form below, outlining the details of what you are looking for.

2. Next, I will contact you via email to ask for clarification as needed and answer any questions you have. I will also give you a time frame on when I can get your piece done, and will provide a more specific quote.

3. If you approve the estimate and quote, I will get to sketching some ideas for your piece, and we will work together on making revisions until you are 100% happy and approve the final design.

4. Once the design is set, I will send over an invoice for the deposit. Once that has been paid, I will get to work on your piece!

5. If you would like, I can send you upates on your peice as I go or can leave it as a total surprise! Once I get it finished, I will send over a quick photo for approval and if there are no changes you'd like me to make, I will send over an invoice for final payment. When the final payment is submitted, I will ship your peice and send over tracking!


Please keep in mind that pricing varies based on the size, materials, and intricacy of the peice as well as any materials I will need to   special order. If there is a specific budget you have for the piece, please let me know in the submission form as I will take all that into consideration as I design your peice. Below is a rough estimate of my pricing scale.

Mala Necklaces: $150-225

Wall Hangings:

XS (1ft across)$90-150

Small ( ~ 2ft across) $150-200

Medium ( ~ 3ft across) $200-300

Large ( ~4ft across) $300-400

XL ( ~ 5ft across) $400-500

XXL (~ 6ft across) $600+

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